About the Group

AF GRUPAAgroFructus Group is a group of companies that specializes in the production, purchase, storage and sale of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables. The group consists of  companies from Croatia and abroad, and the headquarters of the parent company AgroFructus Ltd. are situated in Donji Miholjac.

The group was officially formed in 2013, and although it is relatively new, its members are companies with a long tradition in dealing with fruit and vegetables.

By recognizing the potential of companies that now operate successfully within the Group, as well as the market, and by having a clear vision and strategy, AgroFructus Group is now one of the leading regional companies in dealing with fruit and vegetables, both fresh and processed.

Through continuous investment in new technology and employee training, and investment in capacity for the production, packaging, sorting and storage, AgroFructus Group constantly strengthens its market position.