AgroFructus Group is currently working with several thousand subcontractors. It monitors them in the organization of production, advises and educates them, credits them with raw materials and ensures the placement of their products.

Professional employees of AgroFructus Groups connect subcontractors with banks and other financial and government institutions and help them to realize their projects through EU funds. In this way, we contribute to the development and increase of the production of our subcontractors, and in order to achieve long term partnerships, we are constantly developing new solutions to improve the quality of business relationships

AgroFructus Group offers its partners:

  • Monitoring and assistance in the organization of production
  • Advice from expert subcontracting team; Education
  • All inputs for quality production
  • Crediting with raw materials
  • Repurchasing of the products at agreed prices
  • Connecting with banks and other financial and government institutions
  • Assistance in the implementation of projects through EU funds.

AgroFructus Group has everything that is required for a modern production of fruit and vegetables, in order to achieve top yields and quality, and consequently, the competitiveness in the market.

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